It Happens in the Best Regulated Families Comic Strip, December 20, 1918

from the Bruce Vermazen Research Papers on Tom Brown 

The Brown Brothers’ success on stage and in the recording studio was recognized in a variety of mediums including daily and weekly comic strips like Chester Gould’s (1900-1985) “Dick Tracy” and Clare A. Briggs’ (1875-1930) “It Happens in the Best Regulated Families,” which is displayed.  This daily cartoon was one of several strips created by Briggs for the Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago Herald, and Chicago American between 1900 and 1917, and the New York Tribune between 1917 and 1930.  In 1914, Briggs toured on the vaudeville circuit as a comedic act, and in 1919 produced four comedy short films for Paramount Pictures.  While it is unclear whether Briggs ever met the Brown Brothers, his vaudeville circuit performances quite likely would have made him very aware of the Brown Brothers’ theatrical success on Broadway.  

A comic strip about a couple listening to saxophone music.